College of Engineering
Utah Water Research Laboratory

Name Title
Alfonso Torres Assistant Professor
Andrea Carroll Business Assistant III
Andy Lee Engineering Technician II
Anzy Lee Postdoctoral Fellow II
Ayman Nassar Post Doctoral Fellow
Belize Lane Assistant Professor
Bethany Neilson Professor
Blake Tullis Professor
Brian Crookston Assistant Professor
Brittanie Carter Marketer I
Bruce Bishop Professor Emeritus
Bryson Parker Maintenance Technician I
Camilo Bastidas Post Doctoral Scholar
Carri Richards Public Relations Specialist II
Chad Taylor Engineering Technician III
Colin Phillips Assistant Professor
Daniel Hoggan Professor Emeritus
Darwin Sorensen Adjunct Professor
David Bowles Professor Emeritus
David Rosenberg Professor
David Stevens Professor
David Tarboton Director, Professor
Ian Gowing Research Engineer III
J Paul Tullis Professor Emeritus
Jan Urroz Supervisor II
Jeff Horsburgh Associate Director, Associate Professor
Jian Wang Postdoctoral Fellow I
Joan McLean Research Professor
Judy Sims Program Coordinator
Katie Reynolds Business Assistant II
Kyle Moor Assistant Professor
Lore Clark Business Manager Sr
Mac McKee Professor Emeritus
Maria Gates Business Manager II
Marianne Brown Staff Assistant I
Mark Cannon Research Engineer II
Maurier Ramirez Programmer/Analyst Sr
Micah Safsten Communications and Outreach Coordinator
Michael Johnson Research Professor
Michael McFarland Associate Professor
Mindy Whiteley Staff Assistant III
Necole Walton Business Manager I
Niel Allen Associate Professor
Pabitra Dash Software Developer
Patrick Strong Research Engineer I
Pin Shuai Assistant Professor
Randal Martin Research Associate Professor
Ronald Sims Professor
Ryan Dupont Professor
Shannon Syrstad Research Engineer II
Sierra Young Assistant Professor
Steve Barfuss Associate Director, Associate Professor
Tracy Brown Business Manager Sr
William Grenney Professor Emeritus
Wookie Robinson Aviation Technician
Xia Li Researcher II
Yiming Su Assistant Professor
Zac Sharp Research Assistant Professor

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UMC: 8200
Fax: (435) 797-3663
Address: 8200 Old Main Hill, Logan UT, 84322

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