College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
Aviation and Technical Education (AVTE)

Name Title
Aaron Dyches Director
Aaron Whittle Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Amy Monson Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Andrea Robinson Education Specialist SR
Ashley Child Business Manager
Ashley Widmier Assistant Flight Manager
Austin Kipp Professional Practice Instructor
Austin Welch PCTE Instructor
Ben Wolford Lecturer
Brad Stevens Professional Practice Instructor
Branden Robertson Flight Instructor
Brandon Parish Education Specialist SR
Brian McNeil Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Bruce Miller Department Head & Professor
Bryton Betty Professional Practice Instructor
Cameron Conrad Flight Instructor
Chad Painter Lecturer
Chenese Boyle Education Specialist II
Chloe Wilson Professional Practice Instructor
Christopher Bracken Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Claudio Acosta Presta Flight Instructor
Clayton Palmer Lecturer
Cody Mecham Professional Practice Instructor
Cory Ortiz Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Cris Chamberlain Professional Practice Instructor
Curtis Burks Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Curtis Frazier Professional Practice Instructor
Dan Raisor Coordinator III
Danyan Powell Academic Advisor
Dart Friedli Aircraft Maintenance Technician
David Hicks Lab Technician SR
Dean Collard Associate Professor
Dianne Wright Professional Practice Instructor
Duke Papworth Lecturer
Eric Mantz Associate Professor
Eric Tooke Education Specialist I
Erin Oliver Professional Practice Instructor
Ethan Migliori Director
Heidi Swenson Academic Advisor
Heidi Thompson Business Manager
Henning Olsen Associate Professor
Henock Haile Professional Practice Instructor
J Patterson Mechanic SR
Jake Clement Professional Practice Instructor
James Powell Lecturer
Jamie Cano Associate Vice Chancellor, Associate Department Head, Professor
Jeff Passarella Education Specialist
Jensea Moore Program Coordinator II
Jeremiah Garcia Professional Practice Instructor
Jessica Johnson Administrative Assistant
John Redfield Professional Practice Instructor
Jon Murdoch Assistant Flight Manager
Joran Whipple Business Assistant III
Justin Bergeman PCTE Associate Professor
Kan Okabe Flight Instructor
Karen Caronna Staff Assistant III
Kari Lamoreaux Lecturer
Kaylee Roholt Academic Advisor
Kerstine Fausett Coordinator of Programs
Kim Mortensen Academic Advisor
Kimberly Horsley Professional Practice Instructor
Kimbol Poulsen Flight Instructor
Kole Click CDL Instructor
Kyle McArthur PCTE Instructor
LaZell Allen Staff Assistant III
Landon Wells Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Larry Gardner Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Laura Richardson Lecturer
Leon McElprang Associate Professor
Lisa Hunsaker Academic Advisor
Loran St. Clair Professional Practice Instructor
Marci Chidester Academic Advisor
Marisa Black Professional Practice Instructor
Matt Bunnell Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Meghan McFall Business Consultant
Michael Bailey Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Michael Logan Recruiter I
Michele Lyman Assistant DH - Southeast Regional Health Professions
Mike Holyoak Coordinator of Programs Sr
Mikhail Maxfield Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Myles Miller Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Nathan Madsen Professional Practice Instructor
Parker Richards Education Specialist SR
Professor Baron Wesemann Professional Practice Associate Professor
Randy Chesley Senior Lecturer
Richard Crosbie Business Consultant Lead
Richard von Rintelen Flight Instructor
Robert Powell Lecturer
Ryan Benally Program Coordinator III
Sarah Wolford Program Coordinator III
Scott Edwards Professional Practice Instructor
Scott Greenhalgh Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Scott Turner Education Specialist II
Shanidiin Piechowski-Begay CDL Instructor
Shawn Barstow Lecturer
Shelley Heath Professional Practice Instructor
Spencer Spotted Elk Professional Practice Instructor
Spencer Whitehead Lecturer
Stephen Olsen Coordinator III
Stephen Reed Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Steve Barton Aircraft Maintenance Technician Lead
Steve Williams Lecturer
TD Olsen Staff Assistant III
TJ Gordon Professional Practice Instructor
Tawni Manzanares Administrative Assistant
Taylor Schenk Education Specialist SR
Teryn Lyman Academic Advisor
Todd Richardson PCTE Instructor
Trevor Robinson Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Tyler Agner Business Consultant
William Yoakam Professional Practice Instructor
Wookie Robinson Adjunct Instructor and Program Assistant
Yulese Lincoln Staff Assistant III
Zach Kuehl Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Zak Konakis Professional Practice Assistant Professor

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Mail Code: 6000
Mailing Address: 6000 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT. 84322-6000
Physical Location: IS, 112

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