College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Sociology and Anthropology

Name Title
Anna Cohen Assistant Professor
Annette Cottle Business Manager
Beth Wilson Lecturer
Bonnie Glass-Coffin Professor
Christy Glass Professor
Corinna Knowles Program Coordinator
David Byers Associate Professor
Eric Reither Professor
Erin Hofmann Sociology Program Director
Francois Dengah Associate Professor
Gabriele Ciciurkaite Assistant Professor
Guadalupe Marquez-Velarde Assistant Professor
Hyojun Park Assistant Professor
Jacob Freeman Anthropology Program Director
Jason Leiker Principal Lecturer
Jason Marshall Lecturer
Jason Twede Assistant Professor
Jennifer Givens Assistant Professor
Jessica Schad Associate Professor
Joshua McDermott Temporary Assistant Professor
Judson Finley Department Head
Megan Sills Staff Assistant
Mehmet Soyer Assistant Professor
Molly Cannon Assistant Professor
Patricia Lambert Professor
Rachel Walton Professor
Sam Arungwa Assistant Professor
Samantha Yaussy Temporary Assistant Professor
Scott Henrie Professor
Sheri Sedgwick Business Assistant
Sojung Lim Associate Professor
Stephen VanGeem Assistant Professor

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