College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
Plants, Soils and Climate Department (PSC)

Name Title
Alec Hay Lab Manager Sr
Jobie Carlisle Researcher SR
Paul Harris Researcher II
Paul Johnson Department Head & Professor
Scott Jones Asst. Dept Head & Professor
Keren Williams Staff Assistant, Senior
Lisa Allen Academic Advisor
Amita Kaundal Assistant Professor
Margaret Krause Assistant Professor
Melanie Stock Assistant Professor
Mirella Ortiz Assistant Professor
Rakesh Kaundal Assistant Professor
Shital Poudyal Assistant Professor
Wei Zhang Assistant Professor
Yoshimitsu Chikamoto Assistant Professor
Youping Sun Assistant Professor
Astrid Jacobson Associate Professor
Corey Ransom Associate Professor
Jennifer Reeve Associate Professor
Matt Yost Associate Professor
Brent Black Professor
Bruce Bugbee Professor
Daniel Drost Professor
Earl Creech Professor
Grant Cardon Professor
Janis Boettinger Professor
Jeanette Norton Professor
Jennifer MacAdam Professor
Kelly Kopp Professor
Lawrence Hipps Professor
Paul Grossl Professor
Robert Gillies Professor
Simon S.-Y. Wang Professor
Teryl Roper Professor
Anne Spranger Senior Lecturer
Lance Stott Senior Lecturer
Bradley Crookston Postdoctoral Fellow III
James Frisby Lab Technician I
Baylie Webster Research Technician III
Jake Coleman Research Technician III
Alan Moller Research Technician, Senior
Andrew Swain Researcher, Senior
Cody Beckley Researcher, Senior
John Lawley Researcher, Senior
Jon Meyer Researcher, Senior
Martin Schroeder Researcher, Senior
Michael Bouck Researcher, Senior
Colleen Jones Researcher III
Corey Picraux Agricultural Assistant II
Lorie Staples Staff Assistant II
Lori Fajardo Staff Assistant III
Susan Buffler Coordinator of Programs III
Luthiene Alves Dalanhese de Almeida Lecturer
Rachel Broadbent Lecturer
HongPing Gu Postdoctoral Fellow I
Jun Liu Postdoctoral Fellow I
Charles Delaney Systems Administrator I
Tiffany Evans Lab Manager

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UMC: 4820
Fax: (435) 797-3376
Physical Location: Agricultural Science Building (AGRS), Room 344
Mailing Address: 4820 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT 84322-4820

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