Utah State University Eastern (USU Eastern)

Name Title
Aimee Lauritsen Archives & Special Collections / LLC Building Manager
Alaina Hales Staff Assistant - Emery Center
Alexis Gonzalez Circulation Desk Manager / Student Supervisor
Allie Chamberlain Student Life Coordinator
Andrew Arellano Custodian
Arnoldo Ruiz Sous Chef
Ashley Child Business Assistant - Aviation & Technical Education
Ben Jones Staff Assistant - Athletics
Bill Evans Head Coach - Men's Basketball
Bill Hicks Director - Event Services & Dining
Brandi Taylor-Johansen Coach - Dance / Spirit Squad Director
Breylen Stallings Videographer
Britte Martinez Supervisor - Event Services & Dining
Brooke Lessar Staff Assistant - Academic Advising
Calvin Jensen Sports Information Director
Cameron West Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator
Cathrin Alaei Program Coordinator - Testing Center
Celcey Clark Athletic Trainer
Chelsey Warburton Assistant Athletic Director - Internal Operations / Head Coach - Women's Basketball
Cheryl Johnson Cashier
Christi Turner Program Coordinator - Mail & Motor Pool
Christina Collingwood Administrative Assistant / Gift Shop Manager - Museum
Christopher Henderson Head of Exhibits - Museum
Cirie Noyes Scheduling Coordinator - Admissions
Colton Denver Coach - Esports
Danielle Jensen Assistant Athletic Director - External Operations / Head Coach - Volleyball
Danyan Powell Academic Advisor - CTE Advisor - Staff Assistant
Darren Broderick Maintenance Coordinator
Dave Alderks Chief Preparator - Museum
Debbie Jim Business Assistant
Debbie Pearson Director - Library & Learning Commons, Academic Scheduling, Testing Center
Dee Miller Technical Support Analyst, SR - Information Technology
Desiree Buchmiller Program Coordinator - Upward Bound
Diana Olson Education Coordinator / Child Care Quality System Specialist - Care About Childcare
Diane Lodeserto Service Coordinator - Facilities & Maintenance
Emma Van Der Spek Program Coordinator - Upward Bound
Eric Curwen Director - Campus Life
Eric Hansen Master of Social Work Intern
Erika Ahlheim Student Services Coordinator - Financial Aid
Erin Rowley Administrative Assistant - Administration
Ethan Migliori Director of Noncredit Training
Hein Tlustek Director - GEAR UP
Jacob Hatfield Maintenance Technician
Jaime Cowdell Graduate Research Assistant - Advancement & Alumni
Jared Woodhouse Head Coach - Men's and Women's Soccer
Jaycie Miller Program Coordinator - Technical Education
Jess Brinkerhoff Athletic Director
Jessica Curtis Office Assistant - Mining
Jessica Johnson Administrative Assistant - Aviation & Technical Education
Jessica Prettyman Business Manager - Statewide Scholarships
Jessica Tucker Head Advisor / Outreach Specialist - GEAR UP
Jessie Lobato Small Business Development Center / Custom Fit
Jolene McKinnon Business Assistant
Jordan Davis Computer Technician - Information Systems
Josh Barlow Maintenance Technician
Josh Lively Curator of Paleontology - Museum
Josie Luke Master of Social Work Intern / Substance Abuse Counselor
Karl Burnside Accessibility Consultant - DRC
Kathy Neumeier Computer Technician Lead - Information Technology
Katy Corneli Collections - Museum
Kayden Davis Custodian
Keaton Broderick Custodian
Kelsey Kaiser Academic and International Advisor
Kerstine Fausett Senior Staff Assistant - Aviation & Technical Education
Kim Mortensen Academic Advisor - CTE
Kirk Haney Head Coach - Baseball
Kizzy Ellington Staff Assistant - Nursing
Korrin Olson Marketing / Stabilization Specialist - Care About Childcare
Kristalyn Hepworth Assistant Director - Recruitment
Kristen Leffler Staff Assistant - Admissions
Kyle Davis Coordinator of Services - Motor Pool & Surplus
Kyle Willis Director of Facilities
Lindsey Mathews Master of Social Work Intern
Lisa Sherman Business Assistant
Liz Dimond Program Coordinator - Aggies Elevated
Liz Prettyman Director - Advising and Student Services
Logan Bullough Environmental Health and Safety Officer
Loren Miller Marketing Manager
Lyndsay Reid Academic Advisor
Marcela Gardner Business Assistant - Aviation & Technical Education
Marie Mancina Data Specialist / Referral Counselor - Care About Childcare
Mary Hart Athletic Eligibility / Sports Information Specialist
Mercedes Skaggs Landscaper
Miranda Milovich Eligibility / Game Management Aide
Miriam Riding Academic Advisor
Morgan Nelson Athletic Camps Director
Natalie Olsen Skills Lab Assistant
Nikkita Blain Scholarship Assistant
Patricia Willson Custodian
Peggy Golding Director - Care About Childcare
Riley Reaves Testing Center
Sabrina Van Wagoner Facilitator Supervisor - Academic Scheduling & Classroom Support
Sandra Holman Office Assistant / Professional Development Team Assistant - Care About Childcare
Sara Bunn Scholarship Specialist
Sarah Pullman Senior Business Manager
Sarah Wolford Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator
Sawyer Leonard Police Officer
Shanna Vasquez CDA Specialist / PD Team - Care About Childcare
Sharon Jones Administrative Assistant - Campus Life
Shawn Sackett Police Officer
Shayla Olson Administrative Support - GEAR UP
Shelby Shurtliff Head Coach - Softball
Steve Prettyman Supervisor - Academic Scheduling & Classroom Support
Susan Leonard Business Assistant
Sydney Ho Event Coordinator
Talon Jennings Landscape Lead
Tana Christensen Police Sergeant
Tawni Manzanares Administrative Assistant - Upward Bound
Tilar Cisneros Academic Advisor
Timothy Riley Director / Curator of Archaeology - Museum
Tracey Johnson Webmaster - Statewide Campuses
Tracy Howes Staff Assistant - Cosmetology
Travis Henrie Police Officer
Tyler Isaacson Custodian
Vanessa Lowe Family Child Care Specialist - Care About Childcare
William Cranford Custodial Team Lead
Wyatt Shively Classroom Technician - Academic Scheduling & Classroom Support
Zachary Palacios Police Officer
Zachery Archuleta Sous Chef
Zed Holloway Production Coordinator - LLC

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