Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services

Name Title
Al Smith Dean
Shelley Lindauer Executive Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
Sylvia Read Associate Dean of Accreditation and Undergraduate Affairs
Gretchen Peacock Associate Dean of Clinical Programs
Shawn Whiteman Associate Dean for Research
Amber Summers-Graham Assistant to the Dean
Maggie Smith Staff Assistant II
Kathy Clements Financial Officer
Jennifer Lyons Business Assistant II
Brandee Spackman Business Assistant III
Ami Israelsen Business Manager/HR Content Specialist
John Cockett Director of Technology
Jairo Hernandez Velasquez Database Administrator
Jordan Robertson Database Administrator
Eva Nautiyal Multimedia Specialist
Sam Phelps IT Manager
Jessica Olson Graphic Designer
Allyson Myers Public Relations Specialist
Lisa Christensen Program Coordinator
Christine Jeppesen Staff Assistant II