Directory Help

The online USU Directory is for quick access to common public information about USU departments, faculty, and staff. In the interest of keeping employee data safe from web crawlers and spammers, search results are limited for the public view. Login is required to view additional directory details. Department level contact information remains available without login.

If you need help with something not listed below, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Reporting Inaccurate Directory Information

Title or position information must be fixed by a directory manager for the department in question. Please contact the directory manager for the department. Personal information can be changed by the user. Please see "How do I update my directory listing" below.

How do I get listed in the directory?

Faculty and staff are added to the directory during the hiring process. Contact information is synced with Banner and can be self-updated in that system. If you do not see your information listed, contact the directory manager for your department. Directory managers are listed with department information.

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How do I update my directory listing?

Different pieces of information are edited in different ways.

How do I show or hide my listing from the public directory?

To show or hide your phone number and email on the public directory (for those who are not logged in), please contact the directory manager for your department.

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