Requesting Accommodations

Utah State University is committed to providing students with disabilities reasonable accommodations to provide equal access. In order to make the University aware you are in need of an accommodation, please follow the instructions under Getting Started page to set up a meeting with an accessibility consultant. Accommodations are determined on an individualized basis through an interactive process that begins during a student’s initial appointment with their Accessibility Consultant.

Accommodation decisions are based on the impact of a student’s disability, any relevant academic policies, and an assessment of the essential elements of a course or program of study. Accommodations can be requested for anything related to the university experience. Students should let their Accessibility Consultant know immediately if an accommodation is not working or if additional accommodations are needed.

Submitting Course Accommodation Requests Using Aggie Access

Students who have been approved for accommodations should follow the instructions below to submit their Course Accommodation Requests each semester. After students submit their Course Accommodation Request, written notification of approved accommodations will be sent to the course instructor. Students needing assistance submitting their request should call or visit the DRC for help.

Understanding Accommodations
  • must be requested through the DRC rather than directly to instructors or other university staff.
  • should be requested in a timely fashion. They do not apply retroactively.
  • may not fundamentally alter the nature of a program or activity, lower academic standards, or impair an instructor's ability to measure academic progress.
Students are responsible for communicating with the DRC if an accommodation is not providing equal access and needs to be adjusted.

How to Request Accommodations


laptop Log in to Aggie Access

Select the Aggie Access Login button below and sign in with your A# and password.

Aggie Access Login

signature  Sign Agreements

Each semester you would like to request accommodations, you must review and sign any pending agreements.


check  Request Accommodations

Request accommodations by following the steps in the video below.

Some accommodations are not requested in Aggie Access
and will need to be requested by contacting an Accessibility Consultant directly.