Student Information

Student Rights and Responsibilities

As a student with a disability at Utah State University you have the right to:

  • Equal access to courses, programs, services, and activities offered through the University.
  • Reasonable accommodations and adjustments when needed to achieve equal access.
  • Decide when you will use accommodations for which you have been approved
  • All other rights and privileges available to other students at Utah State University.

As a student with a disability at Utah State University you have the responsibility to:

  • Meet qualifications and standards of the university and your program of study. 
  • Self-identify as an individual with a disability when an accommodation is needed and engage with the university in the interactive process. 
  • Provide information through self-report, and medical documentation if asked, on your disability and the ways that it impacts you in school. .
  • Follow university procedures for obtaining and implementing reasonable accommodations. 
  • Informing the DRC of any issues related to accommodations or other access issues on campus as soon as the issue arises.  

University Rights and Responsibilities

Utah State has the right to:

  • Identify and establish essential functions, abilities, skills, knowledge, requirements, and standards for courses, programs, services, and activities, and to evaluate students on this basis. 
  • When necessary, request and receive current documentation that supports requests for accommodations or services.
  • Deny a request for accommodations or services if the information provided through the interactive process does not show the request is necessary for equal access or that it would result in a fundamental alteration or undue burden or provides a health and/or safety risk.

Utah State has the responsibility to:

  • Provide information that can be accessed by all students in a way that works for their individual disability needs.
  • Create access for disabled students in all courses, programs, services, and activities and provide or arrange for reasonable accommodations or services when needed.
  • Evaluate students on their abilities and not their disabilities.
  • Maintain confidentiality of records and communication as required under FERPA.