America Reads

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What is America Reads and where we do we work?

USU America Reads offers tutoring and mentoring programs to 24 local elementary, middle, and high schools in Cache Valley. In elementary schools we provide after-school programs that include an hour of homework help, followed by an hour of enrichment activities. In middle schools we provide after-school tutoring and participate in activities. In high schools we provide daytime and after-school mentoring (social and academic) with students who are considered the most at-risk of not graduating.

Who we work with.

Over 120 USU students are employed as mentors through the federal work-study program which makes our work possible. We are a member of the Alliance for Youth (a partnership committed to sustaining out of school time programs for our young people) which includes Logan City Parks and Recreation, and the Cache and Logan School Districts. Together we are able to provide out of school time programs to over 2000 children per day.

What it’s like working with us?

Working for us is an enriching experience for you as a mentor and for the youth you will work with. You are able to gain real life experience (and a great resume item) while making a difference in our children’s lives. You learn to work with others while you participate as a team member with your co- workers. You will become a role model and friend to the children you work with and the time you spend each day with them will make a bigger difference in their life than you may ever know or imagine.

What’s in it for the mentor?

Along with working with the students in our schools who really need the support, you get paid through work study. You may also be able to complete an AmeriCorps service term. Working as a mentor is a great resume item and in some cases you may be able to get class credit or fill practicum requirements while working.

How do I apply?

To apply first compete a FAFSA (federal student aid application), this will determine if you are eligible. We will check your eligibility and let you know. If your FAFSA is in, send an email to Todd at and include your resume, A number, copy of class schedule (at a glance version) and if you have a car.

What is work-study and how do I get it?

Work study is a federal student aid program awarded through FAFSA. You don’t have to have a work-study award to apply for America Reads but you do have to be eligible. We will check this as part of your application process. Once you are awarded work-study it works like a regular job and you are paid every 2 weeks for hours worked. 

What kind of mentor are we looking for?

Most of our mentors tend to come from Social Work, FCHD or Education majors since our work goes right along with the in class curriculums for these majors, but we don’t exclude any quality workers. We want mentors who have patience, are absolutely dependable, self motivated, are willing to learn, and love to work with children.

Responsibilities and Expectations.

Mentors will work closely with individual students and groups of students on achieving set goals. Mentors are role models and must act appropriately. We work with at risk youth and many of these children have nowhere to go after school for a variety of reasons. Some of the children are forced to stay because of their parent’s work schedule but most just love after school because it gives them a safe place to be. Being a reliable responsible mentor you form a relationship with the children and they are excited to see you and count on you to be there. It is absolutely imperative that you be responsible and that you don’t disappoint the children by being just another person in their life that let them down. All of our programs are completely student driven and you are responsible to your team members and for the success of the program.