ETE Conference

The Courage to Teach
Wednesday, August 14, 2024 | 8:00am - 4:30pm

The call for proposals is now open for our 11th annual ETE Conference scheduled for August 14th. In an era where digital advancements and AI are reshaping the educational landscape amidst ongoing political turmoil and societal challenges, the ETE Conference Committee announces “The Courage to Teach” as the theme of the conference. The “Courage to Teach” embodies the relentless spirit of educators and learners who navigate these uncertainties. We invite proposals that explore how professors and students harness this courage to foster inclusive, adaptive, and transformative learning experiences through innovation and resilience.

Presentation Formats

The Empowering Teaching Excellence (ETE) conference will be held in person on the Logan campus with synchronous presentations, Lighting Talks, and a poster session. There will also be pre-recorded asynchronous sessions released leading up to the Conference. Presenters will be asked to identify their preferred format for which they would like to present at the conference. These formats are:

  1. Asynchronous Session (10-20min presentation, recorded and submitted to ETE two weeks before the Conference. ETE will assist in the creation of these videos when needed)
  2. Synchronous Presentations (35-45min presentation, given in-person on the Logan campus. All presenters are expected to be in Logan to present)
  3. Lighting Talk (6-minute presentations using the Pechakucha. style for presenting.  Lighting talks offer a dynamic platform to capture the essence of your ideas and engage with the entire conference audience. These sessions will be done in the first breakout after lunch.)
  4. Poster Session (These will be held virtually during the lunch hour on the day of the Conference)

Opportunity for Graduate Students

This year our conference wants to highlight the valuable work of Graduate Assistants and Instructors. The ETE Conference Committee would like to encourage Graduate Students to submit proposals for all formats.

Proposals Due May 13th