Parking Information

There is no free parking on the Logan campus, and it will be important for ETE Conference attendees to have a plan for parking if they intend to drive to the Logan campus. Full information about visitor parking can be found on the Visitor Parking Website that can be accessed via this link. A downloadable map PDF of visitor parking at the Logan campus is found at this link.

There are three parking terraces on campus: Aggie Terrace, Big Blue Terrace, and Gateway Terrace (currently not in interactive map, located east of Industrial Sciences). The terraces provide excellent parking availability and are located within easy walking distance of the campus Quad and the buildings where breakout sessions will be held. The terraces are colored brown in the downloadable visitor parking map linked above. All three terraces have the same hourly parking rate ($2/hour), but please note that the Gateway Terrace does not have a daily maximum.

Conference attendees may also use metered parking at the University Welcome Center or along some of the roads on campus. Rates for meters are found at the bottom of this page. Finally, attendees may also purchase a day pass ($7.00) where you will be assigned a parking lot by Parking and Transportation staff. These lots are not guaranteed to be close to the Quad or breakout session locations. Due to construction, Champ Drive, which leads to the upper entrance of Aggie Terrace and connects to Route 89, may be closed. Visitors who wish to park at Aggie Terrace should access it via the lower entrance along Aggie Boulevard/N 700E.

Parking Rates

Location Rate
Big Blue or Aggie Parking Terrace $2.00/hour with a maximum of $10.00 a day
Gateway Parking Terrace $2.00/hour with no daily maximum
Welcome Center MetersĀ (Enforced: 7:30am - 9:30pm) $2.00/hour
Parking Meter (locations and times vary) $0.05 = 4 min, $0.10 = 8 min, $0.25 = 20 min
Day Pass (excludes parking terraces) $7.00 a day

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