Quadside Community Sessions

Quadside Sessions 

10 recorded sessions available for the 2022 ETE Conference. Choose a Quadside Session to Watch!


Deadlines, Tests, and Sundry Assignments: Rethinking Conventional Frameworks in the Post-Covid Era

Lisa Gabbert
Associate Professor


Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence: Why Higher Ed Research Matters

Jason Olsen
Associate Professor 

Nichelle Frank
Assistant Professor


Syllabus Tweaks: Things to Keep and Things to Delete

Marlene Graf
Professional Practice Associate Professor


Comparing Student Attitudes on Online Learning vs. In-Person Learning: What They Say and What They Do

Jason Twede

Assistant Professor

Clara Cook
Student, Sociology and Anthropology



Environmental Humanities in the (Second-Language) Classroom: Teaching Sustainability with a German Accent

Doris McGonagill

Associate Professor 


Reimagining 3 Modes of Communication with Flip

Sarah Gordon
Associate Professor


How setting the bar high for attendance can have a significant impact on student’s interpersonal development.

Rachel Mano

Graduate Student


Intersection of Education and Interpretation

Brenna Decker

Graduate Researcher



"What's New?": Things to look forward to from ETE

Shelley Arnold

ETE Instructor Coordinator, PhD Student


Reimagining study abroad as a curricular tool for decolonizing global health

Steven R. Hawks


Jenna Hawks
Research Assistant


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