Pledge to be #AggieEnergyWise

As Aggies, we are dedicated to lessening our environmental footprint by conserving our energy resources. Join your fellow Aggies in pledging to be #AggieEnergyWise!

Students, faculty, and staff are proudly working together to conserve energy on campus by following the university’s Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction Policy. As a member of the USU community, I pledge to:


  • Enable power saving or sleep modes on equipment whenever available. Power off computers, screens, and power strips when leaving for more than two days.
  • Shut off office equipment such as printers and copiers at the end of the day.
  • Turn off lights in on-campus housing, offices, classrooms, laboratories, and conference rooms when not in use.


  • Opt for computers, appliances, and equipment with ENERGY STAR or EPEAT ratings when buying devices. Incentives may be available for some equipment! Email to find out more.
  • Switch from inefficient incandescent bulbs to energy-saving, cost-effective LEDs.
  • Choose a smart power strip to avoid leaking electricity. Learn more about places phantom loads may be lurking in your home or office.


  • Close blinds at the end of the day or in direct summer sunlight. Close windows when the outside temperature is above 74 or below 68 degrees.
  • Share commonplace appliances such as refrigerators and microwaves.
  • Plan ahead. Dress with the weather in mind to ensure personal comfort. Discontinue the use of space heaters. Contact Facilities at (435) 797-3535 or fill out a service request form for HVAC adjustments and/or to assess and correct chronic problems.

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