Planning an Event


Individuals or groups desiring to demonstrate, picket, or distribute literature within public forums on the university campus are encouraged to file a written request with the Executive Director of Public Safety indicating the preferred time, place, and manner of such activity. Such requests would be welcome at least 24 hours in advance.

The First Amendment allows the university to enact reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions on demonstrations and other expressive activities and gatherings. Such restrictions will be neutral in viewpoint and content, and narrowly tailored to serve a significant university interest. Examples of such interests include, but are not limited to crime prevention, public safety, avoiding disruption of university functions, and maintenance of an educational atmosphere. When possible, USU will ensure that restrictions on the time, place, and manner of a free expression event leave open other channels and forums for expressive activity. Common time, place, and manner restrictions include: imposing limits on the noise level of speech, capping the number of protesters who may occupy a given forum, barring early-morning, late evening, or overnight demonstrations, and restricting the size or placement of signs on university property.


USU encourages the presentation of diverse viewpoints and perspectives. When individuals are invited to speak or present on campus, the university respects the speaker’s right to engage in protected speech and expects a respectful presentation environment free from disruption or interference. Substantial disruption is not permitted and may result in an individual being removed from the event and/or trespassed from the university campus and subject to USU disciplinary procedures.


Outdoor Areas. Outdoor areas of the university campus are designated open to the public and, generally, may be accessed for lawful expressive activity as “traditional public forums.” Access and use shall conform to all applicable time, place, and manner restrictions, which may be imposed or maintained on a case-by-case basis.

Indoor Areas

Spaces in university buildings and facilities, including classrooms, auditoriums, and conference spaces may be reserved for activities or events by students, employees, and third parties. The procedures for reserving such spaces are maintained by USU Events Services and/or the responsible university units and/or building administrators. Rental fees may be charged for the use of university spaces and facilities. Academic and administrative uses of university spaces will be reasonably prioritized over public access or use.  Building administrators may also designate certain indoor areas of the university campus as limited public forums where expressive activity may be permitted for designated groups and/or categories of speech. Examples include but are not limited to open areas of the Taggart Student Center, kiosks, bulletin boards, and display cases and areas. To request tabling space in the Taggart Student Center, submit a request.

Restricted Areas

No person may enter or access university campus spaces that have been designated as closed, private, or otherwise inaccessible to the public (referred to as “restricted areas”). Individuals found in violation of such designations may be subject to USU disciplinary procedures, trespass, and potential criminal prosecution.