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What is GEAR UP?

GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) is a federally funded college access & readiness program administered by Utah State University who partners with local high schools to help low-income students be successful in school.

GEAR UP at Utah State University is a part of the larger Statewide GEAR UP Education Program, which operates in several regions throughout the state of Utah, and is part of the nationwide GEAR UP initiative.

Check out the GEAR UP fact sheet to see how this program is helping students nationwide.

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GEAR UP Objectives

Our goal is to equip GEAR UP students and their families with the knowledge, skills, and the desire to aspire higher. GEAR UP’s four objectives are to:

  1. Increase academic performance and preparation for post-secondary education
  2. Increase high school graduation and college enrollment rate
  3. Help students find scholarships, financial aid, and other college payment options
  4. Increase success in the first year of higher education

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Services Provided

Gear up focuses on preparing students for post-secondary programs by providing:

  • Tutoring and homework assistance
  • Test preparation and study skills
  • Academic advising
  • Career exploration
  • College tours
  • Financial aid and scholarship information
  • College application and help
  • Activities and event
  • and more services!


"I liked how they would cater food and we would have a lunch and learn about many different things. It helped me realize what school I wanted to go to and help me figure out my future."

Jadyn L, Senior

"I have received information to better prepare myself for future opportunities for college and just the future in general. It has helped me a ton in figuring out future things I want to do."

Nick H, Senior

"Gear up is a great program. It gives my kids some college options to choose from. It was a welcoming environment and they were supportive and helpful."

Myra M, Parent

"I love that GEAR UP has helped my two boys have tools to move forward with the goals they have in life...My boys have really enjoyed the tours of universities and colleges...Thank you GEAR UP!"

Mindy B, Parent

"I think that it was amazing to go to the field trips to the universities because they let us look at different college majors for better careers."

Joseph H, Sophomore

"GEAR UP helped me find ways to pay for college. I applied for scholarships and filled out FAFSA. Between the scholarships and grants I received, I was able to pay for my first two years of college and all of my living expenses!"

Kristina N, Former GEAR UP Student