Apply to Join GEAR UP


GEAR UP is a federally funded program to assist low income students. To see if you qualify for assistance from this program please review the Eligibility Chart for your family income.

GEAR UP is a no-cost program for all eligible high school students grades 9 through 12.

**If you have any questions or problems with the application process, please contact the GEAR UP Office at (435) 797-3925 ext 2031.


Electronic Application 

You many fill out an electronic application via the UVU GEAR UP website.  Students will fill out their portion first. A link for the parent form will be sent via email and must be filled out to complete the process. 

Electronic applications can be completed in either English or Spanish.

Info! A separate application must be completed and submitted for each student.

Paper Application

You can request a blank paper copy of the application form from the GEAR UP Advisor or School Counselor or print a copy to fill out by following the following link:

  1. English GEAR UP paper application
  2. Spanish GEAR UP paper application

In Person Submission

Deliver your completed application to the GEAR UP Advisor at your high school
you may turn in a completed application to you school's Counseling Office.