Planning For College

Success Pyramid

Why You Should Go to College

Successful Career/Happy Life <-- Preparatory Education

College <-- Grades & Money

  1. Getting good grades
  2. Paying for school – Scholarships (FAFSA)

Is College Worth It? (The Common Application)
Why Go To College? (

Choosing a College Checklist

  • Determine subject matter to study for Major and/or Minor
  • Identify schools which to apply (3 per category) with consideration to desired major and/or minor
  • (Top Tier Schools graphic) (Maybe Schools Graphic) (I'm There" Schools Graphic)
  • Identify as least 2 scholarships programs in which to apply
  • Identify at least 7 recommenders for letters of recommendation and ask for recommendations
  • (Teacher Graphic) (Guidance Counselor Graphic) (Community Service Graphic) (Coach Graphic)
  • Complete FAFSA
  • Register and Complete applicable standardized exams, if necessary (e.g. ACT, SAT, etc)
    Send exam scores to schools
  • Complete personal statement and additional essay questions
  • Remind recommenders to complete letters of recommendation (1-2 weeks notice)
  • Collect Letters of Recommendations
  • Submit College Applications
  • Submit Scholarship Program Applications
  • Decide on the school in which to enroll
  • Announce the school I will be attending

Exploring Universities

Find a College That's Right for You! (
Find your College Fit (
Own Your Own Future (Texas GEAR UP)