GEAR UP Scholarship Resources

Please Note
Scholarship fraud does exist, so please be careful and avoid scams. If, for example, your student receives an email or other notification stating that they have to pay to apply for a scholarship or enter their bank information, it is likely a scam.

Follow these steps as you begin applying for scholarships:


Build a Foundation

Become a viable scholarship candidate.


Organize a Portfolio and Keep a Tracker

Start With Gathering Information

Although there are a lot of scholarships out there, it’s hard to know which ones are worth applying for. Sometimes the best way to start is by making sure that you have the right information to start applying.
Check out the preparing for scholarships video from fastweb for more tips and tricks.

A Checklist to apply for scholarships:

  • Pre-written responses to the following common questions:
    • What hardship/difficulty have you overcome and how did you work through it?
    • What made you interested in the major you are considering?
    • What financial burdens do you currently have that this scholarship would help you with?
  • Two Letters of Recommendation from teachers, coaches, or counselors.
    • Make sure they are written by people who really know you and your work ethic, personality, etc. You do not want to have just anyone write this, because they might not be able to talk you up as well as someone who knows you better.

Keep Track of What you apply for and When


Make a Schedule

For gathering documents and submitting your applications




Scholarship Steps Pyramid


Using FAFSA for Scholarships

Financial Aid Resources

Federal Student Aid - Dept of Education
Financial Aid: Tools, Advice, Tips -

First Step: FAFSA

Most Scholarships that a student applies for will ask questions about the FAFSA.  It is important that you make filling out the FAFSA the first thing to do when seeking scholarships. 

Check out the GEAR UP FAFSA Helps page.

How to Use Your Financial Aid

It's hard to know what is the best way to use your financial aid, and we are here to help!
These are two resources we have found to be really helpful:
Accepting Financial Aid (Federal Student Aid)
After the FAFSA: What Happens Next (YouTube)

Types of Scholarships

Scholarships from Universities/Colleges

Institutional scholarships are those which are awarded by the college or university that your student plans to attend.

Priority Deadline

All institutional scholarships have a priority deadline - apply well in advance!

  • These are the scholarships students are most likely to receive.
  • Can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to full tuition and fees.
  • Can be for one term, a full year, or even the full 4 years of college
  • Some colleges & universities include the scholarship application as part of their admission process while other schools require you to apply for institutional scholarships separately.

College Scholarship Pages

Utah State University
University of Utah
Brigham Young University
Brigham Young University Idaho
Utah Valley University
Salt Lake Community College
Southern Utah University
Snow College
Weber State University
Utah Tech University
Ensign College


Private scholarships, sometimes referred to as “outside funding,” are scholarships funded by individuals or businesses within the community, or any source outside of the college or university your student is applying to. Sometimes their best chance in obtaining private scholarships will be to apply for those which are awarded by local businesses (e.g. banks, grocery stores) and companies that you or your child works for. The truth is, most private scholarships your student applies for they will likely not receive, but it is that one scholarship that they do receive that can make all the difference, so encourage them to apply for as many as they possibly can!

Here are a few resources to help your student find private scholarships:

Dell Scholars
Daniel's Fund Scholarship (Recommeded)
Utah Keys to Success (Recommeded)
Utah College Advising Corp Scholarship Blog
JLV College Counseling
College Green Light
Fast Web
Scholarships for Hispanic and Latino Students (
Hispanic Scholarship Fund (
The U.S. Department of Labor’s Scholarship Finder

Searching Aids for Scholarships

Keys To Success Utah

Each High School maintains their own Going Merry app. Click below to sign up for this local scholarship finding tool at your school.

Scholarship Research Websites

Tuition Funding Sources
Going Merry

Going Merry

Each High School maintains their own Going Merry app. Click below to sign up for this local scholarship finding tool at your school.

Green Canyon High
Mountain Crest High
Ridgeline High
Sky View High