Tutoring Resources

The ACT test is what we call a college placement exam, because your student’s score on that test helps determine which classes (e.g. math) that they are placed in when they begin college. Scoring higher on certain subjects such as math can help them avoid having to take remedial classes in preparation for the required college-level classes, and ultimately saves them time and money. Speaking of money, the higher their ACT score is, the more likely they are to automatically qualify for academic scholarships which can range between $250 per semester during their first year of college, to 100% of their student tuition & fees for all four years of college.

High School Resources

Talk to Your Teacher - BEST!!

Talking with your Teachers - This is the #1 Help resource! They know the material and the assignments. Use your PACK, RoCK, and Flex hours to contact your teachers and work on your assignments where you can ask questions. Contact your School Counselors and tell them you need some extra help.

Talk to Your GEAR UP Mentor

Talk to your advisor and tell them you need some extra help. They will work with your and your teachers to find out what you need to do to improve your grades, connect you to helps for anything you might be struggling with, and can even arrange some extra time to catch up on missing work. Remember to make a plan before you get to far behind so that it is easier to catch back up and improve your grades. This is what your advisor is here for - to help you to be successful now!

USU Tutors

Some of the High Schools have coordinated with USU Students to come to the high schools for in-Person tutoring during RoCK, PACK, and FLEX times. Talk to you GEAR UP Mentor or School Counselor to sign up for this help.

Online Homework Helps

GEAR UP Online Help

GEAR UP Students are provided with an opportunity to meet with one-on-one tutors in a virtual setting. Ask your GEAR UP Advisors about this resources today! Students will receive UVU login credentials and instructions about how to connect with live tutors in a variety of subjects. What is great about these tutors is that they can help with specific homework assignments, problems, or worksheets using the UpSwing computer tecnology online. Plan ahead to use this valuable resource.

UVU Language Arts - Utah Valley University Writing Center
UVU Online Tutors - Utah Valley University Online Tutoring - All Subjects
UVU Math Lab Utah Valley Math Lab

Homework Help Websites

Kahn Academy Videos (All Subject Help)
Purple Math (Math Help)
Purdue Owl (All types of writing, grammar, and formatting helps)
Virtualnerd.com (MathHelps)
Prodigygame.com (Math Helps)
Factmonster.com (Vocabulary and basic explanations of all subjects)
ThoughtCo.com (Articles about basics in all subjects - Sciences, Technology, Math, Humanities, Languages, etc.)

USU Online Help

All students who are taking concurrent classes are eligible for online or in-person help from USU.

USU Tutoring Help - USU Finding Tutoring Help and Resources
USU Support Services - Utah State University Student Support Services (TRiO)

Other Helps

Consider a study group with another student that is taking the same class.