Luminescence Lab


Students stand as the base of a slot canyon
Who We Are
Get to know the luminescence specialists, lab location, instrumentation and specialties.


a green laser field
What is OSL & IRSL?
Find out more about luminescence dating, OSL vs IRSL, small-aliquot and single-grain methods.


a group of geologists work on a hillside
Drill down to learn more about luminescence applications in geology and archaeology. 

person with a sledge hammer pounds a tube into a hillside
How to Sample
Make your own sampling kit, learn about the different sampling techniques. 

a lab with white counters and equipment
Need Analysis?
Want to know the age of your deposit, rock or specimen? Click here to determine if your sample is datable with luminescence and learn how to submit your sample(s). 

a scientist works with a moral and pestle
Visitors & Summer Short Course
We welcome students and professionals to learn through hands-on lab work. Find out about visiting the lab, our summer short course, and other learning opportunities at GSA.