About Us

TERRA is a student run group of geospatially-minded students, faculty, staff, and researchers housed on the campus of Utah State University in Logan, Utah.  USU is proud of its trail blazing geospatial community and TERRA is an inclusive space where ideas can germinate, information can be shared, and actions will be taken to advance our collective geospatial knowledge and skills. 


"To provide USU students, faculty, and staff with opportunities to network, collaborate, learn, and discuss current topics in geospatial science. "

How to Get Involved

Membership is open to registered USU graduate and undergraduate students and USU faculty, staff, and researchers.

Suggestion Box

Send us your thoughts and ideas for TERRA. Suggest speakers you'd like us to invite, topics you want to know more about, geospatial skills you'd like to learn, ideas for fundraisers, etc.

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Upcoming Events

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Current Officers (2022-2023)

Tina Sullivan - President
Presides over meetings of the organization, organizes officer meetings, oversees the planning and development of activities and events, assists officers with assignments, and communicate weekly with club faculty advisor.

Justin Berrett - Vice President
Assists the president with duties. In charge of membership list. Obtains appropriate facilities for organization activities

Paige Sargeant - Public Relations Specialist/Secretary
Take the minutes on officer meetings and club meetings. Collects and organizes society notes. Organizes calendar of events.

Eric Hiatt - Treasurer
Organize fundraising, apply for USUSA funds, and keep financial documents in order. Is familiar with university and center accounting procedures and policies; pays organization bills; prepares all budget requests for funds; prepares and submits financial reports to the members; provides faculty advisor with a summary of financial records at the end of the academic year.

Current Vacancy - Historian
Attends all club meetings and activities, promotes club on approved social media accounts, and promotes club activities through developing and distributing flyers.

Shannon Belmont - Faculty Advisor
Serves as a contact person for any feedback TERRA would like to provide to college and university leadership and/or faculty; ensures that TERRA adheres to all of the standards outlined in its constitution; relays GIS Consortium-related information to TERRA as appropriate.