Health and Travel Insurance

Utah State University has contracted with International SOS to provide travel assistance services and ACE to provide international travel accident and sickness insurance for the university community traveling abroad on university business or sponsored activities. (NOTE: CIEE, ISA, ISEP and Youthlinc programs offer insurance that is approved by USU Risk Management. Students on all other programs are required to use the insurance provided through USU). Contact USU Risk Management Services for more details regarding insurance coverage.

Please be aware that for programs without airfare included (excluding spring break programs), the USU insurance fee posted covers your program dates as well as seven (7) additional days of coverage before the program begins, after the program concludes, or split before and after the program dates. Zero (0) additional days of coverage are offered for programs with airfare included or spring break programs. If your program does not include airfare and you will be traveling for more than seven days beyond the program dates, you will need to purchase other insurance.

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While the USU International SOS and ACE program provides coverage for emergency accidents and sickness you may experience while traveling abroad, it is important to remember that this insurance is NOT the health insurance you may be used to and does not cover routine care. Your personal insurance coverage may have provisions for routine care while traveling. You should check with your individual insurance provider to best understand what routine care coverage you may have.