USU 1320: History and Civilization
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A Guide To Writing in History and Classics
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Grading Scale and Policies

Students will graded on the following scale based on an accumulation of points:

899-880 = B+
799-780 = C+
699-680 = D+
above 920 = A*
879-820 = B
779-720 = C
679-600 = D*
919-900 = A-
819-800 = B-
719-700 = C-
[below 600 = F]
    *A+ and D- are not grades accepted by the University.

No Post-Tests or Bonus Assessments will be administered before or after the time scheduled for the final exam (see Syllabus). Missed Assessments count as zero, though absences precipitated by unavoidable mitigating circumstances will be addressed as such on an individual basis between professor and student. Should such a situation arise, see me as soon as possible (see below). Late work (i.e. turned in after the deadline stated in the Syllabus) will be accepted for reduced credit (see below). Incompletes will be given only in strict accordance with university policy. All class work will be graded as expeditiously as possible and returned in class (see Returning Graded Work).

Make-ups. Make-ups will be given only if the student (1) provides documentation of his/her reason for missing an Assessment, (2) notifies me of his/her impending absence prior to that Assessment and (3) agrees to take the make-up at the scheduled time. Make-ups for Assessments will be administered in class at the end of the class period scheduled for the next Assessment; in the case of the Fifth Assessment, that will be the final exam period. There will be no make-ups for Group Work, the Pre-Test, Post-Test or Bonus Assessment.

Late Work. Any Written Work turned in late (i.e. after the very beginning of class on the date indicated on the syllabus—I mean at the beginning of class on the dot!) will lose all credit for Format (for Papers, one third of the total grade; for Reactions, one half of the total grade). No Written Work turned in two days (48 hours) after the deadline will be accepted for any credit at all. Absolutely no late work of any sort will be accepted for credit after the final exam period scheduled for this class (see Syllabus).

Keeping Work. To ensure the accuracy of record-keeping, you are strongly encouraged to keep all graded work which has been returned to you.

Grade Totals. If at any point during the class you suspect there has been some error in the calculation of your grade, please make an appointment to see me in my office, and bring in your graded work with you so I can enter the correct figure for the credit you've earned.

Returning work after the term. After the final exam period, I will return Assessments and Written Work only to individuals who come in person to my office (Main 307). I will not return materials to anyone but the person whose name is on the work. The History Department office does not have access to these materials or individuals' grades; please do not ask the secretaries about either. If you wish, you can give me at or before the final exam period a self-addressed stamped manila envelope and I will send your work to you by mail. Please be sure to put sufficient postage on the envelope.

Index of Chapters
Course Description