COVID-19 “Equipment At Home” Response

With COVID-19 forcing the majority of faculty and staff work from home, the IT Team and Staff here have put together a procedure to follow so you can apply to take home equipment that is inventoried as department property. This way we can minimize disruptions to departmental work and still keep track of where everything is.

The process is as follows:

  1. Email to discuss equipment and need with the subject line "Off Campus Equipment Need".
  2. Download the ”Equipment Off Premise Authorization”
  3. Open the form in Adobe Acrobat*
  4. Fields that need to be filled out by you are:
    1. College or Administrative Unit
    2. Department
    3. Equipment Use (check box)
    4. Items
      1. Description – Make and Model
      2. Inventory Number** – 6 digit number on a white tag somewhere on the body.
      3. Serial Number – These are usually printed on body of the machine by the manufacturer
    5. Home Location
    6. Justification for taking this machine off campus
    7. Date equipment to be returned – This one is tricky, as making future plans in a pandemic usually is. “August 31st is the first day of Fall Semester 2020 so let’s be hopeful this is the latest we will all be back.
  5. Either get the machine physically checked by Isabel or Karl to match the device you are applying to take home or take a photo of the device and inventory tag and attach it when sending in the form for approval. (We are trying to minimize person to person contact but still be helpful.)
  6. Email the completed form and any applicable photos to and with the subject line "Off Campus Equipment Form Complete (Your Name)".

We will look over the form and either approve or reject the request and notify you of the decision. If approved the form will be sent to Gary Tanner to archive for when we can all move back into our offices for an equipment follow up. If you have any issues filling out this form, contact the Techs at

* If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you can get a Adobe Creative Cloud account through USU.

**If your device doesn’t have an Inventory Tag it did not meet the inventory requirement until now. Inventory requirements where changed this last year and will take effect in September. We were going do a second check later in the year before the next inventory, but we can take the time now if your computer does not have an inventory tag to tag it and place it in the new system.