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Degree: Data Science

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Probability Topics in Mathematical Biology

MATH 6810/5810

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Probability Topics in Mathematical Biology
Spring 2023

MATH 6810/5810: The aim of the course is to make advanced probability concepts accessible to students from a wide range of backgrounds through the context of mathematical biology research ideas.

With built-in flexibility and a small class size, the course will address the areas of interest of the students.

The prerequisites for the class are calculus and linear algebra, plus some familiarity with probability or statistics, which can come from coursework or from exposure through research or other activities.

STAT Topics S6820 Optimal Design of Experiments

STAT 5200

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STAT Topics S6820 Optimal Design of Experiments
STAT 5200

STAT 5200: Analysis of Design Experiments presents the Fisherian perspective on the topic which dates back to Ronald Fisher’s foundational 1935 work The Design of Experiments.
The optimal design paradigm predates this work with the first such publication in 1917. However, not until recent decades did computing become cheap enough, and algorithms become mature enough, to fully enable this perspective on design in practical applications.

This course is offered almost nowhere at any university, so take advantage!!
In this course you will:
• Learn the mathematical definition of optimal design
• Strengthen your ability to express regression and ANOVA models in vector-matrix form
• Be exposed to several optimality criteria and common algorithms used to optimize them
• Work through several case studies from the text Goos and Jones (2011) [see left]
• Practice your programming skills in R and Julia
Receive a 12-month free student license and practice with JMP Statistical Discovery Software – a leading proprietary design of experiments utility.

Prerequisites: S5100/5200 (or equivalent). Linear Algebra and elementary probability.

MW 2:00PM – 3:15PM, 2-credits
Contact: Dr. Stephen J. Walsh