UMEP: Utah Mathematics Endorsement Project

UMEP offers mathematics and statistics courses required for secondary math endorsements at USU Statewide Campuses and learning centers. For Statewide Campuses students 25% Off Tuition Waivers are available. UMEP courses also qualify for the USBE STEM Endorsement Reimbursement Program (up to $1,500 in costs per class).

We deliver courses required by the Utah State Board of Education for the retiring Level III/IV Secondary Mathematics Endorsements and the new Secondary Math Endorsement—where there is overlap in requirements, teachers pursuing the new Middle School Math Endorsement or the new Secondary Special Education Math Endorsement are welcome to enroll in UMEP courses (“regular” USU courses are available for Level II and Special Ed Math Endorsement requirements not available through UMEP).

UMEP Course Schedule

Eric Rowley
UMEP Director

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Utah State University - Eastern, Blanding Campus
Blanding, UT 84511


What are the advantages of UMEP classes?

  • Courses are taught at times convenient for teachers (many classes are taught in summers and all classes are taught in late afternoon/evenings)
  • Classes are broadcast statewide, you can attend classes at a USU installation near you (or with Zoom from any distraction-free environment)
  • Courses result in full university credit and will show on your USU transcript
  • USU offers 25% off tuition for participants on Statewide Campuses (UMEP courses only)
  • Courses are eligible for USBE's STEM Endorsement Incentive Program which reimburses costs up to $1,500 per course
  • Classmates are fellow teachers with similar backgrounds and goals
  • Instructors are seasoned USU Professors with expertise in mathematics content and in mathematics education