Native American Cultural Center


Enhance Indigenous students’, faculty and staff experiences at Utah State University by creating a culture of community where everyone feels empowered, welcome, supported, and nurtured for success.


The Native American Cultural Center (NACC) will provide additional opportunities for academic, personal, social, professional, and cultural engagement for Indigenous students, and also promote indigenous scholarship, mentoring and networking for our faculty and staff.

We shall seek to establish programs that affirm students’ self-determination through the following co-values:

  • Community: Coming together to share experiences and support each other for the greater benefit of everyone
  • Relationship: Creating personal and meaningful connections with each other
  • Belonging: A shared sense that USU is where Indigenous students’ diverse identities are valued
  • Respect: Recognizing the value of each person, their experiences, and knowledge
  • Reciprocity: Encouraging Indigenous students’ ability to recognize their gifts and their value in relationship to one another and the University ecosystem
  • Self-Determination: Empower Indigenous students’ self-capacity to assess, self-manage, and take ownership of their educational pathway

The center will also work collaboratively with other university stakeholders to support in the recruitment, retention, and persistence of Indigenous students. Select programs that connect students with faculty, staff, community members/organizations, and alumni will also be established.

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