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Banks & Credit Unions in Logan, Utah

There are many great banks and credit unions in Logan that offer checking and savings accounts to students. A credit union is a financial institution that operates similar to a bank, but usually returns its profits to its members as annual dividends, rather than keeping those profits as a typical corporate bank would do. Both banks and credit unions offer meaningful services, but each offer unique terms and conditions for the various account types they provide.

For example, some banks require members to pay a monthly service fee, which comes with certain advantages, such as an interest-earning checking account. You can select a bank that has no monthly service fee, but the bank may offer fewer services.

Some banks and many credit unions require a minimum opening deposit into a savings account. The amount required varies, but is usually around $25, $50, or $100. Banks that do not require opening deposits tend to offer fewer services (such as free checkbooks) to their customers.

Some banks require you to have a minimum number of transactions each month in order to avoid a service fee. Others require at least one payroll direct deposit transaction posted and cleared each month in order to avoid a fee.

Some banks and credit unions offer accounts that charge fewer fees, but require you to conduct more of your transactions online, rather than making in-person transactions.

Be sure to visit two or three banks or credit unions to discuss the options, account types, fees, and services before you decide to make a deposit.

Cellular Phone Options

It is not required for students to have cell phones, but if you would like one there are no-contract options that would be beneficial to USU International students.

Simple Mobile is a cellular service that offers no-contract cellular service, including unlimited international calling, for roughly $50 a month. Simple Mobile may charge more for purchasing the cellular device, but their no contract service is often ideal for international students.

AT&T also has a special offer for USU international students who do not have any credit built up.

AT&T’s special offer includes:

  • Waived $500 security deposit when students have no credit
  • Waived $500 security deposit when students have no credit
  • Waived upgrade and activation fees
  • No contract options

How to Participate in the AT&T Offer:

  • Provide international passport
  • Provide student email address at time of service
  • Provide student ID or verification of international student status
  • Provide current address and contact number
  • If wanting to use current decive, bring to store "unlocked"

Household Shopping


You will need lightweight and heavyweight clothing for all four seasons. If you are coming for spring semester in January, you should consider bringing such basic items as a coat and sweater. However, all items of clothing you may require are available to buy in Logan. There is no official or required dress code at USU. Most men and women students wear casual clothing, often jeans or pants. Occasionally, you may need more formal clothing, such as a sports coat or suit for men and a party dress for women. Informal and comfortable clothing is practical for everyday occasions.

Thrift Stores

When purchasing furniture and other household items (including clothing) you may decide to purchase gently used items at thrift stores. A thrift store is a business that accepts donations of used furniture, media, household items, and clothing and then resells those items at an extremely discounted price. If you are trying to save money, shopping at thrift stores is a good idea. Here are some local thrift stores:

  • Somebody's Attic - 39 W 100 N, Logan, UT
  • Deseret Industries - 175 W 1400 N, Logan, UT
  • Plato's Closet - 1114 N Main St, Logan, UT
  • Savvy Furniture Consignment - 55 W 1000 N, Logan, UT

Postal Services

Within the United States, mail is delivered to and picked up from all residences on Monday through Saturday, with no services provided on Sundays or federal holidays. If you would like to send mail, you can either attach it to your residence mail box for pickup by the postal worker or drop it off at a designated United States Postal Service (USPS) blue dropbox or the post office itself. A United States Postal Office is located on the main floor of USU's Taggart Student Center (TSC).

How to Obtain a US Driver’s License

The U.S. does not require an international driving permit to drive in the country. Non-citizens who have legal status in the U.S. will receive a Limited-Term Driver License, which has the following conditions:

  • The license will expire on the date of expiration on your legal presence document, or in 5 years, whichever is sooner.
  • If there is no expiration date, it will expire 1 year from the date it was issued.

What to expect when applying for a Limited Term License:

  • Submit an application for a driver’s license.
  • Take and pass a vision exam. Complete a medical questionnaire.
  • Provide proof of identity, legal/lawful presence, Social Security Verification, Residency/Mailing Verification, and driving experience.
  • Pass a written permit test.
  • Pay the $25 new driver’s license fee.

For more information on how to obtain a driver’s license please visit the local DMV or call +1(435)755-1610. You can also visit http://dmv-permit-test.com/ for Utah DMV Practice Tests.

Winter Advice

Utah’s climate and weather may be a new experience for international students. Spring and summer and for a time into the fall the weather is very pleasant. For students who are from warmer climates, it is best to come prepared for the cold winters. Another thing to note is that Utah’s climate is very dry compared to other areas of the world.

Spring temperatures average at 8C. Summer temperatures average at 29.13C. Fall temperatures average at 10.80C. Winter temperatures average at 1.2C. These temperatures are averages and we see temperatures as low as -12.77C and as high as 36.66C.

We recommend that students come prepared for winter with waterproof winter coats that are of good quality, snow boots, scarves, gloves, hats and warm socks. Most students at USU wear 2 or 3 layers of clothing and find that is sufficient to keep them warm while traveling between classes.

Worship Facilities

The predominant religion in Utah is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, there are several houses of worship of different faiths in Cache Valley. For a comprehensive list of the houses of worship in the area please view the Interfaith Directory.

Money Transfers

There are several ways that you can transfer finances internationally. Most people know of money transfer operators. Banks are also able to transfer funds internationally, but it is good to keep in mind that banks charge a fee for international transfers. Using a foreign exchange broker is also an option.

Renting, Leasing, or Buying a Vehicle

It is not necessary to rent, lease, or buy a vehicle here in Logan because Cache Valley offers a free bus service and many students go their entire school career without a car. However if you are interested in having a vehicle to use while you are here there are options for you including Enterprise Car Rentals and International AutoSource. These services might be useful to you while you are a student at USU.

Are you a Student Parent?

If you'd like to connect with other student-parents on campus and learn about family-friendly services and events at USU, contact the Child Care Access Means Parents In School (CCAMPIS) program.
The CCAMPIS program's main goal is to provide funds to eligible USU students to help pay for childcare. The program also advocates for services that would benefit all student-parents at USU. Any parent can be added to our newsletter mailing list to receive information about family-friendly events and services by sending an email to the Program Coordinator. Visit www.ccampis.usu.edu for more information about how to apply for funding to cover child care costs and resources available to student-parents at USU.