Peace Corps Prep Program

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The Peace Corps Prep program will prepare you for international development fieldwork and potential Peace Corps service. To accomplish this, you’ll build four core competencies through interrelated coursework, hands-on experience, and professional development support. These four competencies are the following:

  1. Training and experience in a work sector
  2. Foreign language skills
  3. Intercultural competence
  4. Professional and leadership development

This web site explains each of these requirements in detail. Use this site to map out your Peace Corps Prep course of study. In particular, refer to this when completing your PC Prep application, where you’ll need to document how you plan to fulfill each requirement. This site aligns point-by-point with each section of the application!

New Peacebuilding Internship Opportunity
As part of the Peace Corps Prep program, students can take part in a Peacebuilding Internship this spring and work with local non-profits, including Cache Refugee Immigrant Connection and the English Language Center. For information, email