Colloquia & Seminars

Dr. Millan Fernando Diaz-Aguado
The Space Environment near the Sun and its Effects on Parker Solar Probe Spacecraft and FIELDS Instrumentation

Speaker: Millan Diaz-Aguado, Planet Labs
Host: JR Dennison
April 23, 2024 | Tuesday | 3:00 - 4:00 pm

Bio: Millan Fernando Diaz-Aguado is a Sr. Thermal Engineer working at Planet Labs.  He earned his PhD at USC in Astronautical Engineering specializing in Spacecraft Potential Charging.  He received his MS and BS at The University of Texas at Austin in Aerospace Engineering.  Millan has previously worked at NASA Ames Research Center, SRI International and UC Berkeley’s Space Sciences Laboratories.  He has had the privilege to work on exciting NASA missions such as MAVEN, Van Allen Probes, Parker Solar Probe, PharmaSat, FASTRAC and others. His current research interests continue to be in the spacecraft charging realm, specifically in the Parker Solar Probe FIELDS antennas as the spacecraft approaches the Sun.

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