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The Get Away Special (GAS) Student Satellite Team is a student-run CubeSat team within Utah State University's Department of Physics. The purpose of the GAS Team is to provide students at USU the opportunity to develop and learn about satellites directly, resulting in unique experiences that will propel students in their future careers.

The team was founded in 1976 and originally flew Space Shuttle experiments through NASA's Get Away Special Program. Today, the GAS Team designs and builds CubeSats. The team's first CubeSat, GASPACS, was deployed into space in January 2022 and deorbited in May 2022. GASPACS was an incredible success, completing all mission objectives over 117 days in space. The team's current mission is GASRATS, which is expected to launch in 2026.

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The GAS Team is currently developing the Get Away Special Radio and Antenna Transparency Satellite (GASRATS). GASRATS is a 3U CubeSat education and technology demonstration mission with the goal of providing students the opportunity to learn about and interact with designing, building, and operating a satellite.

The payload for GASRATS is an optically transparent patch antenna integrated on the face of a solar panel. The novel antenna design offers dual-purpose use of a satellite's external surface, assisting with the common problems of mass and power limitations.
GASRATS will also include an outreach program that will aim to educate and inspire all K-12 students in the state of Utah.

GASRATS was selected by NASA's CubeSat Launch Initiative in March 2024 and is expected to launch in 2025-2028.

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GAS Team Celebrating GASPACS Deployment

Joining the Team

The GAS Team is open to students of all majors at USU willing to dedicate time to putting their name in space. If you are seeking unique challenges, broad learning opportunities, valuable connections, or even just fellow space nerds, come get involved this semester!

Although we're now outside our usual fall semester onboarding, we are still accepting students year-round and we encourage you to apply! The application process is simple and will help you in getting started. We look forward to going to space with you!

Kathy Lueders

Join me to congratulate the team from Utah State University who successfully deployed a CubeSat from the International Space Station after ten years of development work. It is now successfully operating in space, communicating with ground networks across the world. Inspiring!

Kathy Lueders (former NASA SOMD Associate Administrator, current SpaceX Starbase General Manager) on GASPACS

Remembering GASPACS

GASPACS was the GAS Team's previous mission and the world's first CubeSat to be built entirely by undergraduates! GASPACS was in development for over 10 years before being completed in August 2021. GASPACS launched to the International Space Station in December 2021, and was then deployed in January 2022. GASPACS was in space for 117 days before deorbiting in May 2022. The mission was an outstanding success and brought many new accomplishments to the GAS Team's long legacy of student experiments in space.

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