Join the GAS Team

Why Join the GAS Team?

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The GAS Team is an ideal way for an individual to get real-world experience as an undergraduate. The GAS Team models itself on a mix of aerospace engineering companies and university research labs, to provide its members with an authentic experience. This experience is invaluable for those looking to pursue a career in industry, academia, or higher education such as a master’s or PhD. Additionally, being on the GAS Team allows you the opportunity to send something you have worked on to space!

On the GAS Team, members get the opportunity to develop skills such as project management, teamwork, problem-solving, and communication along with technical engineering and business skills. The application of classroom knowledge is a great boost to a resume as is many of the technical conferences the team attends. Being on the GAS Team also allows students to build relationships with team connections and secure summer internships either with the GAS Team or elsewhere. 

Who Can Join?

The GAS Team accepts volunteer team members from all majors at USU. Little experience is needed from freshmen and sophomores; however, the team asks that all juniors and seniors have some experience in whatever they are joining the team to do. This does not have to be satellite specific experience. The team does require a short application process.

Currently the GAS Team is particularly looking for individuals who have interest or experience in the following areas:
  • Graphic design (design apparel and promotional materials)
  • Video production (create videos for use in outreach/promotional material)
  • Business development (secure funding and maintain a strong relationship with industry sponsors and university connections)
  • Outreach (assist with the Bring Utah Students to Space program)
  • Electrical engineering (design PCBs)
  • Communications engineering (build a ground station for communicating with the satellite)
  • Software engineering (write flight software)
The GAS Team posing with an astronaut in front of a picture of a fighter jet
The GAS Team posing with members of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

How Can I Join?

GAS Team members showing their lab to JPL engineers

To join the GAS Team, students will need to complete the application form linked below. The application process is fairly simple and allows us to understand where students may best excel on the team. Once your application has been submitted, we will contact you to discuss the next steps!

The application includes:

  1. Resume
  2. Cover letter explaining why you want to join the GAS Team and what you can provide to the team
  3. Learn about the GAS Team and select what subteams you may be interested in

Opening Meeting

Miss the Fall 2023 onboarding cycle? No worries, you can still apply any time throughout the rest of the school year! Please read the "How Can I Join" section above to begin.

Want to see what discussion you missed during our Fall 2023 opening meeting? If so, you can download our presentation below.

Download the Fall 2023 Opening Meeting Presentation

Team Structure

If you join the GAS Team, you can join any of the following subteams working on sending a satellite to space!


Open Leadership Positions

The GAS Team is looking to fulfill the following leadership positions. If you feel you may be a good fit, say so in your application or contact us directly. 


Lead Environmental Testing Engineer

A group of engineers testing a satellite in a large chamberCredit: NASA

  • Lead the team responsible for simulating and testing the satellite and satellite components within space-like environments
  • Build a thermal vacuum chamber to simulate the temperature swings the satellite will experience in low Earth orbit
  • Determine the best method(s) to simulate and test the vibrations the satellite will experience on launch and deployment
  • Perform analysis and assist in recommending areas of improvement based upon test results