Kade Angell

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lead Flight Software Engineer

Kade Angell

Contact Information

Email: kangell@gas.usu.edu


Kade Angell, a Computer Engineering undergrad with a minor in Mathematics and Computer Science, joined the GAS Team in the fall of 2021. Initially a software team member, he's now leading the Flight Software team, following a NASA JPL internship. On the GAS Team, he improved software processes, set up servers, and fostered industry partnerships. Kade enjoys the experience the team gives him, between interacting with many incredibly talented engineers, receiving a systems engineering perspective on space, and a purpose to the material learned in classes. Post-graduation, he aims for a master’s degree in computer or software engineering, then a position in Flight Software Engineering at NASA JPL. Kade aspires to leave the GAS Team with sustained success by sharing software knowledge in F’, industry connections, and satellite launches.