High Frequency Radio Wave Propagation Group (HFRP)

The High Frequency Radio Wave Propagation Group (HFRP) is affliliated with the Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences as part of Utah State University's department of physics.  HFRP  provides undergraduate physics majors opportunities to use HF radio equipment to do the following:

  • Engage in meaningful research that builds upon their academic experiences in waves and electromagnetism;
  • Make real-world application of these principles by conducting research in many of the following disciplines:
    • Space Weather
    • D-region Absorption
    • HF propagation
    • Antenna Basics
    • Transmission Line Basics
  • Gain experience in collecting, formatting, and analyzing data;
  • Present research findings.

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Receiving Gear

Receiving Station Setup

Faros 1.4 Monitoring Screen

Faros 1.4 Monitoring screen

Our Antenna: Gap Eagle DX

GAP Eagle DX Antenna sits atop the SER building at Utah State University's
main campus in Logan, UT USA (DN41cr)

Current Data from NOAA

Space Weather Overview

Space Weather Overview plot

Solar Wind - ACE MAG and SWEPAM

The latest magnetic field and Solar Wind Electron Proton Alpha Monitor (SWEPAM) plot

Space Weather Prediction Center: D-Region Absortion Predictions (D-RAP) Current Predictions