Bulk Mail Services

Bulk (large quantity) Mail Services

Bulk Mail is a general term describing large quantity mailings that can qualify for postage discounts. In order to qualify for these discounts such mailings must be processed and addressed through Distribution. The U.S. Postal Service has specific regulations and procedures for the processing of bulk mail. If these regulations are not followed, the USPS will return the mailing for resorting. Unapproved or incorrect use of the University Non-Profit Permit can jeopardize the University’s Non-Profit mailing privileges. If these mailings are not addressed by Distribution, they will not qualify as a "bulk" mailing, or receive any postage discounts.

  • Always print and send us at least 25 extra pieces of you mailing to aid us compensating for machine errors and in setting up the job.
  • Non-profit and Standard class mail qualifies at the least expensive letter rates at up to 6 x 11 (vertical) x (horizontal) inches in size. Magazines and larger flat mailers also qualify for Non-profit rates. We have FREE templates to help with your design.
  • No tape, staples, or small hand tabs on folded self-mailers.
  • Allow at least 4 (horizontal) x 2 (vertical) inches of clear space for the address to be printed on the mail piece.
  • It is advisable, though not required, to leave the bottom 5/8 inch of any mail piece clear of printing. The Post Office often uses this space for a bar code label.
  • It is always a good idea to talk to us, or get approval on an anticipated bulk mailing.
  • Samples of permit imprints for First Class Presort, Non-profit, and Standard mail can be obtained from Distribution.
  • Samples of acceptable mailing formats.
  • Samples of unacceptable mailing formats.

First-Class Presort

To qualify for a “First-Class Presort" class bulk mailing, you must have a minimum of 500 pieces. All mail pieces must be the same weight. All pieces must be sent within the U.S. and Distribution must process through NCOA (National Change of Address) and have an Intelligent Mail Bar Code applied.

Standard Class and Non-Profit

To qualify for a “Standard" class or a "Non-Profit" class bulk mailing, you must have a minimum of 200 pieces. All mail pieces must be identical material and weight. All pieces must be sent within the U.S. and Distribution must process through NCOA (National Change of Address) and have an Intelligent Mail Bar Code applied.


Non-Profit/Bulk Mail Services

We address, fold, insert, seal, tab, match envelopes to contents, and organize mailings for surveys. We fold, insert and seal #10 envelopes up to 9 x 12 envelopes with up to six inserts. We can also work with other formats, even if they are not bulk mail, call us. We will address large quantities of mail even if you do not intend to send them at the non-profit rate, call us. In fact, It is a great idea to give us a call if you have any questions regarding preparation of large mailings, especially prior to printing! Call: (435)-797-0875, or (435)-797-0876.

Free General Memo Delivery

Central Distribution provides a "General Memo Delivery Service” free of charge. This is a not specifically addressed memo. An example is, “Inside USU”. A general memo is only for inter-department use, no outside vendors. The number of pieces needed for a "General Memo" is 250.

Campus Mailings

We have several lists for addressing campus mailings. We can do custom lists. Be sure to add at least 25 extra pieces for machine set-up. Quantities for various lists for campus mailings are listed below:

  • Combined (Faculty, Administrative, and Employees): 3725
  • Admin/Faculty: 1400
  • Administrative: 200
  • Faculty: 1200

*NOTE: These counts are subject to change without notice. Call Distribution for latest counts.


1 Campus Mail List $40-50
2 Machine Set up $15 (per machine)
3 NCOA Process $10 min. – over 1000 $.01 ea.
4 Machine Insert $.0275 ea. – Matching $.05 ea.
5 Machine Fold $.015
6 Machine Seal $.0175 ea. – lrg env $.05
8 Extra imprint, indicia/ret, addr. $.0175 ea. per item
9 Tab $.0325 ea. clear tabs
10 Hand Insert, Seal, and/or Label $.10 ea. + $.02 ea add pc per action
11 Non-Conformance Fee $50.00
12 Off-Site Permit Use Call 797-1875 for details
13 List Management $50.00/hr - $25.00 min.
14 Rush $10.00 min. 1000+ $.005 ea
15 Extra Delivery $5.00 initial - $1.00 ea. after first 3 parcels
16 Extra Pick-Up $5.00 initial - $1.00 ea. after first 3 parcels

Acceptable Mail Formatting Samples

long tri-fold
Long Tri-Fold
11x17 folded
11x17 folded into 8.5x11 then to 5.5x8.5
post card 1
Post Card 1
post card 2
Post Card 2
post card 3
Post Card 3
magazine flat 1
Magazine Flat 1
magazine flat 2
Magazine Flat 2

Unacceptable Mail Formatting Samples

unacceptable format 1
Out of aspect ratio - too long for its height.
unacceptable format 2
Not enough horizontal space for address and barcode.
unacceptable format 5
Open end must be at top, 2 tabs to close it, and return address conflicts
unacceptable format 3
Paper color too dark
unacceptable format 4
Paper color too dark
unacceptable format 7
Paper color too dark
unacceptable format 6
Not enough space for address

Our goal is to help you maximize your design ideas while still complying with US postal regulations.
Please call (435)-797-0875 or (435)-797-0876 to discuss your design plans.