Instructor Resources

How do I encourage my students to use the Science Writing Center?

  • This flyer explains to students how to make an appointment and can be posted on Canvas.
  • Students are more likely to meet with a tutor at the Science Writing Center if instructors require it or offer extra credit.
  • Students receive a report form after their tutoring session and can submit a screen shot to a Canvas assignment to receive credit.
  • Students have the option to submit drafts when they make an appointment. Tutors can read and comment on students' papers prior to meeting with them.
  • We offer in-person, video/audio, and written feedback appointments.

What other services does the Science Writing Center offer?

  • The Science Writing Center offers workshops for the NSF GRFP, URCO grants, graduate school essays, and medical school applications. 
  • Kendall Becker (, the Science Writing Center Assistant Director, provides:
    • Assignment design consulations
    • Feedback on assignment descriptions
    • Class lessons or materials to familiarize your students with your assignment expectations
    • Presentations to departments about how instructors can use the Science Writing Center 
    • Writing resources for undergraduate and graduate students

Resources for your students:

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