Coordination of Prevention and Response

Implementation and Coordinating Committee (ICC)

Originally founded in 2016, the Implementation and Coordinating Committee is an interdisciplinary committee that includes USU employees from across USU's campuses and offices that directly serve students. The Committee meets monthly to discuss USU’s sexual misconduct prevention education and training, outreach and messaging, policies and procedures, and compliance efforts. This committee also coordinates, supports, and collaborates across interdisciplinary units to ensure that USU’s prevention and response to issues of sexual misconduct are informed, consistent, and effective. 

Departments Represented

Office of Legal Affairs
Counseling and Psychological Services
Office of Equity
Department of Public Safety
USU Athletics
University Marketing and Communications
Division of Student Affairs
Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information Office
Student Health and Wellness (Logan)
USU Blanding
USU Eastern
Statewide Campuses

ICC Meeting Agendas