Sexual Respect Advisory Committee

Utah State University created a community advisory committee in fall 2018 to provide important feedback in improving USU’s prevention efforts and the way the university responds when sexual sexual misconduct sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, sexual assault, relationship violence, and sex-based stalking occurs. The committee includes alumni who are engaged in the issue, current student leaders, and experts in sexual violence prevention and response. The advisory committee meets regularlyto review current efforts and to provide feedback on upcoming plans.

Committee Purpose

  • Create and build collaborative relationships with community partners, including building partnerships with coordinated community response teams and sexual assault response teams across the state.
  • Receive feedback from statewide community partners about USU’s response to sexual misconduct, including information about university sexual misconduct processes, procedures, and resources.
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration between the university and statewide community partners to better prevent and respond to sexual misconduct.

Committee Members

Member Affiliation and Position
Hilary Renshaw USU – Office of Equity Title IX Coordinator, Committee Chair
TBA USU – Statewide Campuses Assistant Vice President
TBA USU – Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information (SAAVI) Office Advocate
Tess Barger Seekhaven – Director of Client Services
Eri Bentley USU – Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Associate Director
Amanda DeRito USU – University Marketing and Communications (UMAC) Associate Vice President of Communications
Denna Fausett Carbon County – Victim Advocate
Emmalee Fishburn USU – Office of Equity Senior Prevention Specialist
Katie Freeman USU – Office of Equity Prevention/Supportive Measures Specialist at USU Eastern (Price)
Sherrie Hayashi University of Utah – OEO/AA Executive Director
Misty Hewitt CAPSA – Social Service Director
Tiffany Howes Colleen Quigley Crisis Center – Director
Cassie O'Brien Friends Against Family Violence – Community Advocate
Liliana Olvera-Arbon UCASA – Executive Director
Camille Ostveen Friends Against Family Violence – Shelter Director
Marci Tucker Utah Domestic Violence Coalition
Debbie Worley Price City – Victim Advocate

Meeting Agendas