Meet the Leads

Heather Burr
Healthy Communities Lead: Heather Burr
Heather Burr is a senior majoring in Dietetics at USU and has a bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition and French from Southern Utah University. She loves dancing, musical theater, baking (especially around finals), being involved in her community, and sharing her time with others. As the Aggies Building Communities lead, she is very excited to get to know the students at USU more along with many amazing people in Cache Valley

Jake Anderson
Immigration & Global Issues Lead: Jake Anderson
I'm Jacob Anderson, a Computer Science major with a passion for technology and a drive to make a positive impact. In my current role as an Immigration and Global Issues Student Lead, I'm dedicated to promoting inclusivity and advocating for those in need. Beyond my studies, I'm an active sports enthusiast, participating in triathlons and rugby, which not only keeps me physically fit but also teaches me valuable lessons about teamwork and discipline. I find balance in exploring new technologies and staying updated with industry trends (like the AI I used to write this bio). And helping make a difference in my community.

Jackson Olsen
Intergenerational Lead: Jackson Olsen
Hello! My name is Jackson Olsen. I am a Psychology Major with a Minor in Child Development and Family Relationships. I am looking for opportunities to help those around me to be the Rakes and Shovels Lead for COSAS. I like gardening, trying new things, and playing video games. I hope to help many students find connections with their community and the wonderful people here on campus and in the valley.

Kylee Chadwick
Marketing and Design Lead: Kylee Chadwick
I’m Kylee and I am the COSAS Marketing Lead! I am so excited to help play a role in connecting students to a sense of community as they further their educations at USU! I am a junior majoring in Soils & Sustainable Land Systems. I am super passionate about sustainability, and I am currently serving as the president of the USU Student Sustainability Club. When I have free time I love to go country swing dancing, swimming, hiking, thrifting, and camping!

Ella Leonelli
Student Engagement Lead: Ella Leonelli
Ella (she/her) is devoted to sustainability. Coordinating gatherings aimed at educating individuals on how to better adopt eco-conscious practices into their daily lives is one of her passions. Her enthusiasm extends to helping like-minded sustainability enthusiasts by encouraging them to use the sustainability grants available to all students. Ella is actively pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Engineering, with a minor in Mathematics. Raised in Tooele, Utah, her favorite activities were mountain biking and hiking, fostering a deep love and respect for nature. This understanding of how precious nature is fuels her enthusiasm to share her love with those around her.

Kate Markman
Sustainable Food Lead: Kate Markman
Kate is a junior at Utah State University pursuing degrees in Sociology and Art with an emphasis in printmaking. Kate has a deep love and passion for sustainability which she incorporates into her art. As the Sustainable Food Lead, Kate led the Cache Community Gleaning program in gleaning almost 12,000 pounds of fruit and produce for the Cache Community Food Pantry and SNAC student pantry.

Annie Watson
True Blue Reuse & Repair Lead: Annie Watson
Hello! I'm Annie and I have the pleasure of serving as the True Blue Reuse & Repair Lead! I am a third year BioChemistry student who loves to create and be outside. I love lifesciences and am so excited about new innovations and technology that have the capacity to help people and our planet home!  To me, True Blue Reuse & Repair is all about uprooting the culture of consumerism in favor of a focus on a circular consumption cycle prioritizing quality and longevity of goods. I am excited to help build our Aggie Community!