Community Rakes & Shovels

Community Rakes & Shovels was created in response to needs expressed by community members. The COSAS is coordinating requests for services from local senior citizens and people with disabilities and volunteers who would like to provide raking or snow shoveling services throughout the fall and winter.

Volunteer Your Time and Muscle

Volunteer once, twice, or many times over the coming months! Upon registering, volunteers will be matched with a resident who has requested services. 

This season, we are recruiting volunteer groups to help with raking projects, and individual volunteers to help with shoveling.

Raking volunteers groups: after submitting your registration form, your group will be matched with a resident who needs their leaves rakes, and it will be up to you to contact that resident in a timely way. A student leader will reach out to you after your assignment to ask how many volunteers came, how much time you spent raking, and how the experience was.

Shoveling volunteers: after submitting your registration form, you will be assigned to a resident (or multiple residents) in the neighborhood(s) of your choice. Your name and phone number will appear on a card, along with the names and information of 3-4 other volunteers. The resident will reach out to you to request your help throughout the winter season. If you aren't available at a particular time, the resident will then try the other volunteers on their card.

USU students who do not own their own tools can check out 2 rakes and 6 shovels from the Service Center.

You will be asked which neighborhoods in Logan you're willing to volunteer in. If you don't know your neighborhood, take a look at the map below!

Register as a Volunteer

Request Free Leaf Raking and Snow Shoveling Services

Senior citizens and people with disabilities who live in Cache Valley are invited to submit a request using the online request form. If a resident needs help with leaf-raking, Service Center staff will find a volunteer group that can take care of the leaves once they fall. If a resident needs help with snowshoveling, Service Center staff will send the resident a list of volunteers that the resident can contact as needed.

Staff members will do all they can to find volunteers for every request, but cannot make any guarantees!

Request Services

Contact the Christensen Office

For assistance in filling out these forms or general questions please contact us.

Phone: 435-797-1740