COSAS helps with Iftar meals

May 10, 2023
sarah in the snow
lmmigration & Global Issues Lead Sarah picks up food for Iftar

When the USU Interfaith Initiative raised enough money to provide 90 Iftar meals for four nights per week during the month of Ramadan, COSAS jumped to help out. Last year, one student in the Christensen Community Scholar program cooked 24 meals twice a week, so this dramatic increase in meals challenged the logistical skills of COSAS staff and volunteers. Meals were catered by Tandoori Oven, Himalayan Flavor, and Habibi Mediterranean and repackaged and distributed in the Student Nutrition Access Center.

By the end of the month, 17 volunteers spent 45 hours serving 1,240 meals to 120 different USU students and their family members (when extra meals were available). One participant who received meals said, "You really should know how it feels for Muslims when they know their university cares about their beliefs." Another said, "It feels good to have the university recognize the Muslim population at USU."