Applying to Student Support Services

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TRIO SSS is accepting applications for Fall 2024.  

Due to federally required eligilbity ratios, acceptance priority is be given for (1) verified applicants with disability who also meet income eligibility, and for (2) verified first-generation college student applicants who also meet income eligibility. Further, intake priority is given to students who plan to take a TRIO SSS math/stat class section and who meet the prerequisites to place into the class. 

Steps to apply:


Fill In The TRIO SSS Interest Form On This Page

Complete the quick interest form below. This preliminary form allows TRIO SSS to check USU records and ensure you are a candidate to continue the application process. The earlier you submit your form, you will be nearer the top of the waitlist for Fall 2024.

Complete TRIO SSS Verification

TRIO SSS is a federal grant program that requires verification of eligibility to participate with our services and classes. Due to changes in the new FAFSA, we are currently making some adjustments to our verification process. As soon as the verification process is ready, you will receive a TRIO Eligbility Verification Form sent to your USU Email account with instructions.

Intake Meeting and Detailed Application Survey

If you are selected for program intake, you will be invited to schedule an intake meeting and complete a more detailed application survey that helps TRIO understand your academic needs. The intake meeting (in-person or via Zoom) will determine whether you are selected for TRIO.

Am I Eligible?

To apply to join USU Logan TRIO, students must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Citizen or national of the U.S., or meet U.S. residency requirements for FAFSA
  • Enrolled as a bachelor’s candidate (not Associates) on the Logan Campus
  • Planning to graduate from USU within 6 years
  • Meets at least one of the following criteria:
    • First-generation college student. (Meaning no parent earned a bachelor's or higher degree.)
    • Low-income. (Tax/income info will be required during the verification process.)
    • Experience disability. (Documentation verified through USU Disability Resource Center.)
  • Identify with at least one, or more, of the academic needs supported by TRIO 

Interest Form

Request an Application for TRIO Student Support Services (SSS)
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U.S. Residency/Citizenship
Must meet the same U.S. Residency/Citizenship requirements as FAFSA
TRIO Eligibility Requirements
TRIO Eligbility Status: Required to Participate (must meet at least one)
USU Eligibility Requirements
USU Status: Required by Program Objectives (must meet both)
TRIO SSS Class Interest
All students who join TRIO as freshmen or sophomores (below 60 credits) are asked to commit to take the USU 1730 Strategies of Academic Success class (if they haven’t already) within two semesters of joining. All TRIO class sections are open only to TRIO students. Please select any/all TRIO class sections you are planning/hoping to take Fall Semester 2024.
Academic and Other Needs Related to TRIO Services
Identify with at least one of the following academic needs supported by TRIO
Questions or Comments? (Optional)

By submitting this form, I am acknowledging that the answers I have provided are true to the best of my knowledge.