Faculty/Staff Referral

USU Logan TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) invites faculty and staff members to refer a student who could benefit from coordinated academic support from TRIO.

Please note that the application process for TRIO SSS includes verification that a student meets the following eligibility criteria:

  • Citizen or national of the U.S., or meet residency requirements for FAFSA
  • Enrolled as a bachelor’s candidate (not Associates) on the Logan Campus
  • Plans to graduate from USU
  • Meets at least one of the following criteria:
    • First-generation college student. (Meaning no parent earned a bachelor's or higher degree.)
    • Low-income. (Students with who qualify for a Pell Grant usually meet TRIO income eligibility. Tax info may be required during the application process.
    • Experience a disability. (Documentation verified through USU Disability Resource Center.)
Referring Faculty/Staff Member
TRIO Academic Supports

Please review the following list of TRIO academic supports and check the boxes to indicate which would benefit the student you are referring.

  • Regular (monthly or more frequent) academic success coaching visits on time management, accountability, study skills, test-preparation, academic motivation, etc.
  • SSS sections of Math/Stat courses. Sections are small (15 person max) and in-person. Recitations are built-in to class, so no need to register for separate recitations. Study tutoring sessions available outside of class.
  • SSS section of USU 1730, Strategies for Academic Success
  • SSS section of USU 1060, Strategies for College Reading
  • Tutoring
    • Drop-in SSS Writing Tutors
    • Math/Stats (for courses taught by SSS)
    • Individual Tutoring for specific courses as needed, based on resources
    • Assistance connecting with all other USU tutoring resources
  • Assistance with scholarship applications and FAFSA, including financial aid for graduate school
  • Cultural and social events with other students

*Select the Needed Supports

Questions? Please contact us by email to ssstrio@usu.edu or phone to (435) 797-3372.