Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the Student Support Services program?

A: Student Support Services is a federally funded TRIO program designed to provide additional academic support for students who have academic need.

Q: What is TRIO?

A: TRiO is the title for seven federally funded programs. The title was coined by the US Congress to refer to the first three programs established in 1965, 1966, and 1967.

Q: What are the SSS TRIO program objectives?

A: The SSS program objectives are to increase retention and graduation rates of SSS participants.

Q: What are the admission requirements to the SSS program?

A: A student must be an American citizen or permanent resident of the U.S., must be registered as an undergraduate student attending on-campus classes at USU, must demonstrate an academic need for services, and must meet at least one of the following criteria: 1) low income - determined by federal guidelines based on family size and income, 2) first generation - neither parent has a 4-year college degree, or 3) documented disability - learning or physical.

Applications and instructions are available online

Q: What are the services provided by the Student Support Services program?

A: Some of the services provided by SSS are: academic advising, course selection, individual and group tutoring, economic literacy and financial aid planning, reading instruction, study skills instruction, math instruction, personal support and major/career advising.

Q: Why do some of the math classes require Student Support Service’s permission to enroll in them?

A: These classes, Math 0995, 1050, and Stats 1045, are specially designed for students who are enrolled in the SSS program and need a personalized instructor to help them succeed. Enrollment in these SSS classes requires the student’s admission in the Student Support Services program.

Q: Why does SSS require its students to take USU 1060 (College Reading) and USU 1730 (Strategies for Academic Success)? Why do these classes require SSS permission to enroll in them?

A: These classes are designed to help participants succeed. They are vital to strengthen students’ study skills. Enrollment in these SSS classes requires the student’s admission in the Student Support Services program.

Q: Is there any financial support from the SSS program to the SSS participants?

A: The SSS Director works with the Financial Aid Director to make sure that all the eligible program participants are receiving the full financial support including the federal Pell grant and other supplemental grants.

Q: How and when can a student apply to the SSS program?

A: See the "Apply for admissions" page.

Q: What are the student's responsibilities once accepted?

A: The student must maintain regular contact (at least three times a semester) with program staff throughout each semester, use tutors and/or labs if assigned by an instructor or advisor, follow a prescribed course of study and developmental plan if needed, attend workshops on special topics, and reactivate his/her file each fall semester to remain a participant.

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