Take Advantage of Summer Semester

Summer Semester is Just Around the Corner!

Summer classes provide a great opportunity to earn your degree faster, all while enjoying summer activities!

The Right Courses

USU offers a wide range of courses during the summer, including many general education courses. By knocking out one or two general ed classes, you'll be able to start your program sooner. This makes summer a great course of action to graduate faster. Or, you can reduce your course load during fall and spring to make more time for work and yourself. 

USU has also recently updated its course delivery methods. These updates are geared to support you during your time at school, wherever and however you earn your degree.

At the Right Time

A common concern for students is getting into courses with long waitlists. If you are on a waitlist for a course in the fall, consider seeing if it is offered during the summer. Demand for summer courses is lower, and you’re likely to get into the courses you want and need.

For the Right Price

Most classes are also set at the in-state tuition rate. Not only can you earn your degree faster, you may save money while doing so! You can also explore all of the financial resources and services that you have access to through Student Financial Support.

Student Financial Support


Registration Opens: April 5
First Day of Classes: May 8
How to Prepare for Registration: