Using IP Restrictions

IP restrictions can be used on specific Canvas exams given in the Logan Testing Center. This has been successful in speeding up the testing process for students while maintaining exam security. These restrictions allow students to begin exams in the Logan Testing Center without waiting for a proctor to enter a password. This is especially useful when there are hundreds of students taking the same exam.

What are IP Restrictions

When connecting to the internet the device (laptop, phone, computer, etc.) is given a unique string of numbers separated by periods that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol (IP) to communicate over a network. The number is assigned to the device by the wireless router in the area. The Logan Testing Center uses a specific range of numbers for our laptops. Other devices are prevented from connecting to the wireless router by security settings on the router. By entering the specific range of numbers in the Canvas Quiz settings, only students using Testing Center Laptops, in the Logan Testing Center will be able to acces their quiz/exam.

Canvas IP RestrictionsTo add IP restrictions to your Canvas Quiz:

  1. Log into your canvas course and select the quiz.
  2. Edit the quiz and scroll to the "Quiz Restriction" area and select "Filter by IP address" (#2).
  3. Enter the IP address range into the "Filter by IP address" box. 
    • The IP address range for the Logan testing center is posted in MATS when adding exams.

When using IP restrictions consider the following guidelines:

Instructions for adding IP restrictions are available when adding a new exam in MATS. CIDI Instructional Designers are also available to help at 797-9506 or

We have submitted a feature request to Canvas to allow IP restrictions OR Passwords. This change would allow students to test outside of the testing center under supervision of a live proctor who has access to the password. To vote for this request:

  1. Go to:
  2. Select “Login” and enter your A#/password
  3. Select: “Vote Up"

If you have additional questions about IP restrictions, please contact the Logan Testing Center at 797-8781.