Assistive Technology Apparel Helping Individuals Cope

By Lacey Lamborn | December 31, 2021
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The Pocket Features in all YOBBO Hoodies

“This whole thing started because I was a mom trying to take care of my child,” said Chelsey Sanders, who founded YOBBO Apparel after her son was diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder in first grade. Disappointed after many fruitless searches to find products or coping tools for her child’s sensitivities, she decided to make her own. YOBBO Apparel was born with the mission to create something sensory-friendly and fun, and the products were designed with the intent to help parents with autistic children and those with anxiety.

Rebecca Ellis, mother of two children who love their YOBBO hoodies, shared with us, “This hoodie helps [my son] focus, settle, and feel safe; things he very much needs in his life as he's going through some hard personal struggles. It's amazing how a hoodie can be so pivotal in that!” Ellis explained that her 8 year old daughter is able to “ground herself with the pockets & feel safe with the hood” when experiencing social anxiety. The YOBBO hoodie features sensory pockets with a luxe fabric and an additional sensory pocket with a more tactile material.

Brooke Hansen also shared her experience. “My 11 year old son loves his yobbo hoodie. He would wear it every day if I let him, I have to sneak it in the laundry. He has been diagnosed with A.D.D. & anxiety. He really likes how soft, warm, and comfortable it is and the pocket fabric is soothing. ... He has worn and I have washed this hoodie so many times since we purchased this a year ago and it is still in great shape!”

After building the first few prototypes, Sanders found there was a greater need for this product. Initially developed with ADD, autism and anxiety in mind, the hoodies have expanded to bring relief to other individuals. When we met with Sanders to discuss more about the kind of benefits and feedback she is receiving about the hoodies, Sanders shared with us that the features on these hoodies are helping individuals cope with depression and athletes dealing with anxiety before competitions. Victims of sexual abuse also experienced the hoodies helping comfort during the healing process. When children with cancer wear the hoodies, it helps bring warmth and comfort to cold hands left numb due to the impacted nervous system from chemotherapy treatments. Sanders has even received positive feedback from policemen, firefighters, and other individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who have used these hoodies when they need a way to process what they’ve been through but don’t know how to talk through it.

Sanders wants to bring awareness to sensory-processing disorders as well as a wide-range of disabilities that are not easily seen. Sanders emphasized the importance of taking time to understand the individual - those who are experiencing these disorders need to process what’s going on in their mind and find ways to redirect that energy. This is what YOBBO hopes to help with. Since Sanders can’t accompany her children to all their daily activities, Sanders feels comforted knowing her children have adequate coping tools. She reminds her own children of the helpful acronym which YOBBO also stands for - You’re Okay. Breathe in. Breath out. Okay.”

Our Logan Coordinator, Dan O’Crowley, told us, “These hoodies are a fantastic idea for fidgeters, or 'stimming' individuals, because they can always have something with them instead of needing to seek objects. Plenty of research shows individuals with sensory or 'stimming' needs can focus better once their body has gotten the stimulation it seeks. … These hoodies offer a convenient and discrete way to do that." 

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