Loans to Purchase AT

Reduced-Interest Loans 

UATF partners with Zions Bank to provide low-interest loans of $1000 to $50,000 to purchase assistive technology or devices. Some examples of eligible purchases or adaptations include, but are not limited to:

Loan requirements include:

  • Application,
  • Information on the assistive technology device,
  • Based on credit score, debts and income.
  • Proof of disability is not required.

Loan Specifics

The interest rate is based on the current prime interest rate.
There are no application or documentation fees.

If a loan is approved, UATF will pay 2% of the interest. UATF applicants will pay prime minus 2%. For example, if the current prime interest rate is 5%, and the loan is approved by Zions, the consumer will pay 3% interest and UATF will pay 2% interest. The interest rate is variable on signature or lower-dollar loans. Loans for bigger-ticket items such as adapted vans will be at a fixed interest rate.

Processing time ranges from one to two weeks. Loan terms are set by Zions Bank, but typically must be paid off in five years for adapted vehicles and up to three years for other devices, depending on the amount borrowed. Zions Bank will make final approval for all loans by reviewing credit report and credit history. 

To apply for a loan through this program, read the loan instruction sheet first and then download and print the loan application. Include an invoice or other documentation showing make, model, total cost and the name of the business where you would like to purchase the device.

Email, fax or regular mail the application and invoice to:
Shelly Wood

Program Assistant

Office Location: Logan Office CPD 106
Phone: 1-800-524-5152


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