Smart Apartment

Apartment Demonstrates Types of Integrated Assistive Technology

The Smart Apartment is part of the Sorenson Legacy Foundation Center for Clinical Excellence. It is a working example of integrated technology in a home setting that does not require permanent modifications, while providing smart options for people with disabilities. All technology in the smart home is easy to find via mainstream online shopping sites.

The smart apartment is for demonstrations only. To arrange a tour, contact Dan O’Crowley at UATP’s Logan location.

a small group tours the smart apartment


echo and google home

adapted showerhead

Technology Available at the Smart Apartment (High-Tech)

  • Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple Homepod speakers
  • A television that can be voice-activated (it will also speak its setting options out loud)
  • A Chromecast device that can add smart features to a TV that does not have them built in
  • A window blind that can be activated by voice or button
  • Smart electrical plugs that make it possible for a device to be activated either manually or via voice technology
  • A Sonoff Bridge device, which allows radio wave technology to work in harmony with WiFi. This makes it possible to integrate garage door openers and motion sensing devices with smart home technology
  • A doorbell with a camera that allows the user to view the porch area via app

Devices that can be activated manually, by voice or by app:

  • Light switches
  • Thermostat
  • Door

Electrical Devices & Appliances

  • A motion-sensing faucet
  • Front-loading washer and dryer with easy-to-reach controls
  • A fire alarm with flashing light
  • A lift chair
  • Safe stove burner covers
  • A shorter fridge


  • A variety of eating utensils with varying grips and angles
  • A bed rail
  • Kitchen shelving that can pull down to wheelchair height
  • A wheelchair-accessible counter
  • A Roll-in shower
  • A shower head that can be adjusted for height
  • Portable toilet rails
  • A shower chair